(#7216) Bahamas, $250m, fund: Luxury multi-use EcoResort & real estate properties (Reg S: non-US persons only)

Term Sheet:
: $250,000,000 (Preferred Equity)
Offering Type
: Reg S (Non-US Persons)
: 10 Years
Preferred Return
: 6% per annum
Target Investor Return
: >15% and 2.0x Equity Multiple
Minimum Investment
: $1,000,000

*The Sponsor will contribute USD 35m of equity.*

The Vision:
The Sponsor’s vision is for the project to be more than just a resort, but a welcoming and inclusive community with the heart and soul being the local islanders.

About the Project:

  • 800+ acres in total
  • Designed and received full planning permission for 1,000+ condo, townhouse, residential, hospitality and retail units, 600+ berth marina, an 18 hole golf course, and supporting infrastructure
  • The project has “Port of Entry” status due to its marina and surrounding airfields
  • Pre-marketing already taking place with over 400 Right to Buy Agreements (RTB) existing
  • Carries an ESG-rating from Sustainalytics and is at the forefront of a new breed of sustainable tourism developments.

About the Island:

  • Well known for its diving and natural beauty
  • Has 2 airports within minutes of the project
  • Well located and easily reachable with a short flight (NY, Florida, Nassau, Havana)
  • A low tax jurisdiction with international appeal--No income or capital gains tax

Expected Exit Strategy:

  • The sale of all residential real estate on a per unit basis and net return