(#7211) New Jersey, $10m, equity: Portfolio of distressed single family homes 30-40% discount

Distress single family homes investment

An opportunity to invest in a portfolio of distressed single family homes close to New York City at 30-40% discount to value. The properties are located in highly sought-after Monmouth County, New Jersey , which is in the top 50 highest-income counties in the United States. Just minutes to the beach, properties are easily accessible to New York City, 30 miles away, by high-speed ferry.

We will employ a two-fold strategy aimed at enhancing the value of the portfolio. After acquisition we conduct not only renovation to enhance the rental income, but we also conduct renewable conversion of the same homes to a targeted 30% enhancement in home values.

Total Investment Amount: $10m

Estimated Effective Annualized Yield: 7%

Estimated Annualized Return on Investment: 30-35%

Estimated Value of All Assets: $18.1m

Acquisition Price of All Assets: $12.6m

Total Estimated Rent: $104.5k/month