About Polybird Marketplace

Polybird is a global, data-driven organization for business owners and asset operators to fulfill their financing needs by connecting with investors and a network of broker-dealers.

We understand that capital raising is an extremely challenging process, even for the very best minds in real estate, infrastructure, or small/medium businesses. Our marketplace brings more digitization, organization, and efficiency in accessing capital markets for asset operators or sourcing deals for broker dealers, as the current market is largely siloed, manual and non-digital.

Polybird’s sell-side has been rapidly growing, accruing more than $1bn+ worth of deals, and on track to exceed $5bn before the end of Q3 2020.

How will Polybird partner with you?

Polybird is not a “passive data listing platform” we have seen at listings-only platforms. We are a digital investment bank, and stand ready to drive initial connectivity through relationship management with key stakeholders. Though more human interaction is higher cost, we believe this value proposition is invaluable to our partners.

What Polybird does differently?

Polybird’s “button click” model accelerates capital introductions and accelerates funding. Our solution is an electronic marketplace for discovering deals and investment partners, accelerating closings and decreasing funding risk. With less time being spent on closings, the cost to raise capital also declines. That is our core value proposition: an electronic marketplace to get deals done.


Polybird is a team of 7 people based out of New York, Zurich, and Mumbai. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds in finance and tech.

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